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Detail of chair attributed to E.A Taylor, Hansons Auctioneers and Valuers

Glasgow Style furniture tends to fall into two categories. The first is bespoke pieces created as one-offs or in small quantities, perhaps as commissions. The second is the commercially manufactured furniture produced for the domestic market. In this case the company most associated with the Glasgow Style is Wylie & Lochhead. Based in Glasgow, they manufactured their own furniture which they sold from a large city store. Furniture was produced to a high standard and quality, in a wide range of styles adapted to suit demand and including the Glasgow Style. It was also sold through other companies across the UK, including Liberty. As such, they were instrumental in introducing the Glasgow Style all over the country. Their Glasgow Style furniture appears fairly regularly at auction. Often pieces adopt some form of Glasgow rose motif, elements of stained glass or inlays and protruding over mantles. Butterfly and hearts motifs feature often. Wood used is often oak, also mahogany. Pieces were sometimes based on designs by Mackintosh yet apparently were not any less expensive. Today, there is little demand for Glasgow Style antique furniture other than signature pieces, a result of changing taste and domestic space.

Designers associated with Wylie & Lochhead are George Logan, E.A. Taylor and John Ednie. Their designs can be identified from editions of The Studio magazine, from a number of exhibitions at which they were represented and from Wylie & Lochhead catalogues.  

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