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Around 75 designers are associated with the Glasgow Style. Almost all are connected in one way or another with The Glasgow School of Art. As such, they or work by them are sometimes also described as Glasgow School. The majority of the 75 designers were female.


Glasgow Style designers worked across and extensive range of media, the most common being Metal; Wood; Ceramics, Glass and Stained Glass; Illustrative Graphics; Textiles and Interiors.

There is a distinct hierarchy to Glasgow Style designers, with Charles Rennie Mackintosh as the key lead, inspiration and the most widely recognised, followed by other members of The Four. Along with these, a further ten or so principal designers tend to be the most commonly referenced as operating in the style. See list below...

The Four

The group known as The Four was made up of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, James Herbert McNair and sisters, Margaret and Frances Macdonald. As students at the Glasgow School of Art in the mid-1890s, the four came together recognising similarities in their work. They would go on to work together in a series of innovative and sometimes controversial collaborations and later pair off in matrimony. McNair and Frances Macdonald married in 1899. Mackintosh and Margaret Macdonald married the following year.

The Glasgow Girls

The Glasgow Girls is a term used today to describe the group of women artists and designers who worked in and around Glasgow from the 1880s operating in the Glasgow Style. Most of these adopted a wide range of media and many set up studios in the city.  One of the most famous of these is The Gilmour Studios. 

1873 - 1921

Frances Macdonald

1868 – 1955

1865 – 1911

1867 – 1933

1875 – 1948

Ann Macbeth

1874 – 1951

1866 – 1939

1876 – 1934

1864 – 1948

1878 – 1959

Margaret De Courcy Lewthwaite Dewar

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