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About the Editor 


Colette Keaveny was awarded an M.A. in Antiques (Distinction), from the University of Central Lancashire in 2017. Her dissertation focused on The Glasgow Style, an area on which surprisingly little research or information exists. The study involved an in-depth examination of subject literature, a review of public collections and interviews with industry experts. Objects by eminent designers were analysed (using a material culture methodology) and details of over 1,000 Glasgow Style objects were collated.


The results provide a definitive list of the features typical of the Glasgow Style, a reasoned opinion as to their uniqueness in relation to other contemporary period styles and a checklist of authenticity which seeks to bring clarity to an important period of Scottish design history.  


Colette continues to promote information and learning on the subject through a twitter feed and website. Her feature on The Glasgow Style’s Unsung Heroes ran in the summer edition of Antique Collecting magazine. Further research is planned on individual designers, (particularly on the many female designers working in the style), their objects, signatures, monograms and motifs adopted. 


In her day job, Colette has a background in strategic marketing management, with extensive experience in a variety of consumer and business-to-business marketing, branding, communication, customer retention and business development roles within the private and public sectors.  

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