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George Logan
(1866 – 1939)

George Logan was born in Beith, Ayrshire. He served as an upholsterer's apprentice before going on to work as a furniture designer in 1882 for Wyle & Lochhead, with which he is most associated and where he remained until 1937. Apparently, he turned down an offer of work from the prestigious Waring and Gillow of London. His interior schemes are light and delicate, often adopting the Glasgow rose and other flower motifs. He jointly ran the furniture department of the Glasgow and West of Scotland Technical College with close friend E. A. Taylor from 1899 until around 1914. He designed furniture for other companies, painted and wrote poetry and music. But he is perhaps known mostly for his Glasgow Style household and table ceramic designs, many of which featured the Glasgow rose and stylised tulips, produced by various English potteries including Wedgewood & Co. He lived with his wife and family in Greenock and later in Gourock. 

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