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Peter Wylie Davidson
(1870 – 1963)

Peter Wylie Davidson was born in Stirlingshire. He undertook a seven year silversmithing apprenticeship while attending evening classes at the Glasgow School of Art. In 1897 he was appointed as Instructor in metalwork there where he remained in various teaching roles until his retirement in 1935. He also ran his own studio and worked on projects with De Courcy Lewthwaite Dewar. He wrote two books on metalwork and silversmithing and another on leatherwork. He exhibited regularly, locally and overseas. He continued working all his life, even exhibiting at the age of 90. His work is quite rare. His technical expertise allowed him to work in a number of styles. weeping swallows in flight and Celtic motifs feature regularly in his work. Glasgow Museums hold 19 examples of his work, including the Time and Tideclock within the Glasgow Style Gallery. 

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